Thursday, June 11, 2009

Introduction: What is Naak Leuuap? นาค เหลือบ อะไร

Naak Leuuap นาค เหลือบ is a blog that will run at least one year from this date, updating every other Monday (GMT+7).

At the completion of its run I will have to take a break from publishing, as I will be ordaining as a Buddhist monk.

Naak Leuuap นาค เหลือบ is a quiet place in a tropical city where I will recount memoirs of my life on Mars and my adventures with my Master, as well as provide true and accurate descriptions of a completely fictional city as such will be useful for travelers and debut another completely new genre of fiction I have created, I call "Monster Poop Stories" while being treated for leprosy.

Naak Leuuap นาค เหลือบ is a terrible, anonymous confession, motivated by the many crimes that precipitated my flight from the US.

Naak Leuuap นาค เหลือบ is intended to be a play on words.

Naak Leuuap นาค เหลือบ is actually being written in Arlington, VA.

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