Tuesday, December 15, 2009

My Avatar Spoilers

  • Less like Aliens, more like Titanic, especially with all the Celine Dion songs.
  • Not advertised as musical
  • Film begins with James Cameron in an empty studio asking audience to close their eyes and be open to the power of “wonder and imagination.”
  • 3-D effects impressive: blue people's tounges feel like sand paper.
  • Subplot involving kid on 1980’s Earth trying to help by reading magic read-a-long book seems forced and really drags.
  • Less like Terminator, more like Fraggle Rock with boobs and VTOL.
  • Interactive part of movie allows audience to "get down" and dance with aliens.
  • Lance Henriksen surprisingly limber during final dance showdown.
  • 3-D glasses comfortable. Revolutionary technology involves putting tiny magic ticket under tounge.
  • Main theme song "Avatar" is just the 1980 ELO/Olivia Newton-John single "Xanadu" with the word "Avatar" dubbed in.
  • Alien planet: clothing optional
  • All in all, James Cameron's edgy high-tech re-imagining has heart and some the charm of the original, but is incredibly violent compared with the original Smurfs it is an adaptation of.

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  1. Perfect description. If I had gone in knowing it was a remake, I wouldn't have been quite as disappointed.