Sunday, August 30, 2009

After Snek

So thoroughly moved was I by Stephen and Morgan D's (if there really is such a thing) response, that I took off at once to the leprosarium's modest library to consult again with the periodical in question. In addition to the relevant medical volumes and a surprising amount of military history and butterfly collection whose principals have all fallen off their pins to a colorful dusting below, library's primary function is simply a repository of printed material other patients have left behind and hence describes an incredibly wide range of interests. I myself primarily go there for the slim volumes of light Stoical prose and poems they have.

Search as I may, I was entirely unable to locate the copy of Snake World I had so idly perused and judged. The materials of the library are frequently purged for hygienic and topical reasons. I can only conclude that the magazine has either been thrown out, or is in the unlawful posession of another patron.

I would ask to find out but: no one talks to me.

yours truly,


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