Sunday, August 30, 2009

Letting a Hundred Flowers Blossom

We here at Naak Leuuap นาค เหลือบ are humbled and gratified by your company and always delighted to receive your comments and email, particularly as the tropical days are long and wet at the leprosarium and sometimes hard to sleep through. Unfortunately, as some good readers have pointed out, the commenting button on this blog, despite having a smart appearance, has no actual function and does not allow inspired readers to actually comment.

Valuing your responses and company as much as I do, I regret this deeply. I believe the problem stems from a defect in the HTML "code" original to the old gypsy woman a stole it from (if you are familiar with the disreputable trade of such caravans carrying "free templates", then you know the orignal is likely stolen, too). How I laughed and laughed as I burned her wagon. Though her vengence is nigh upon me, how, may I ask, can one live without laughter?

In any case, in an attempt to remedy the situation, we will be happy to publish any responses to the features here the old fashioned way, that is, pretentiously, as letters to the editor.

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